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Why Choose to Do Our FREE PLANB Workshop



This 90-Minute Workshop is the Essential First Step That For The Past 20 Years Has

Transformed How Entrepreneurs Design Revenue Growth Strategies and

Have Eliminated Their Low Net Worth

     This is a Nothing-Held-Back Workshop Where:

  • You'll be positioned for INC. 5000-Level Revenue Growth in the first 90 days

  • First and most important, you will discover exactly what's in your way of experiencing hyper-growth revenue

  • You'll learn how to accelerate your business GROWTH through a new model of strategic positioning

  • You'll experience a fast and easy process leading to a future that is bigger than anything you've contemplated up to now.

  • You'll participate in an interactive labratory for mastering your entrepreneurial skills, along with revenue growth principals & practices

  • You'll will leave with a breakthrough in the form of a full actionable strategy to quickly power up your success.

  • You'll experience a revolutionary approach to revenue growth you can't find - in any book, any course, or anywhere, to achieve seemingly-impossible goals in record time.

  • You'll hear what other entrepreneurs are discovering. 


                                                                                --  workshop led live by Dan Prosser 


(This is a workshop - not a webinar)

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