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"As I read Thirteeners I thought of the companies I'd worked for in the past in the context of the principles in this book. I wish they all had been following this wisdom"
Amazon 4 stars.jpg
This is perhaps the best leadership book I have read in the past 10 years. Prosser knows his stuff and it comes from his personal, on the court leadership experience over 30 years, not academic theory. it is our thinking as leaders that determines our success and happiness and Prosser nails it with great examples, i
Amazon 4 stars.jpg
This book is truly unique! In a world of content overload about every topic imaginable, the idea of another business book on leadership did not create a burning desire within me to read it - however, the utter respect I had for the people who recommended it to me, and the first few pages, quickly altered my context for why this was THE BOOK, I needed to read now!

Why Only 13 Percent of Companies Successfully Execute Their Strategy Every Year and How Yours

Can Be One Of Them.

by Daniel F. Prosser

For the past almost 50 years - since I was 26 - I've been busy building my own 3 companies and then after selling all of them in 2001, helping other entrepreneurs to successfully build theirs.

I realized during those years that many company's struggle to achieve their goals and successfully execute their strategy. In fact 87% of them fail to execute a strategy every year.

It was then that I began to independently research, using 2 years of employee surveys - both the winners and the losers - of the Best Places To Work program at one of the American Business Journals. I began to see very clearly and quickly why so many companies were having such disapointing results.

My research revealed what separated the 'Best' from all the rest. But moreover the research led me to understand how companies that are good at employee satisfaction also have an ability to generate superb revenue growth. And what it took to accomplish that.

This book is about how to create a culture of not only happy employees, but also how to manage a company to become a culture of high performance. It's possible to become a "Thirteener".

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