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by Dan Prosser


Break The Entrepreneur Habit of Low Net Worth



It’s almost universal—whether I'm working with a solo entrepreneur or the CEO of growing company, I find that he or she has almost always been struggling with a poor relationship to revenue growth and money. Predominantly those two things.

Entrepreneurs understandably tend to feel that there is a huge amount of money at stake in their business, and so there is almost pandemic fear and uncertainty among entrepreneurs over money—what it is, how it works, how to get more of it or just get some of it. How not to fail.


I'm not overstating this—it’s not unusual to find business owners feeling the need not necessarily for “more” money but for “just enough money,” and they spend a lot of time trying to avoid experiencing their fear of running out of it when they need it most . They tend to think about "how much do I need for my bills this month?". And thinking that way causes them to work just enough to meet their current needs - and then repeat that drama month after month. Every single one of those clients knew before I mentored them that they did this. It was a habit in their thinking and behavior and they needed to break it and replace it with something more powerful.

You can't have two masters to be successful. Growing and surviving are cognitively incompatable.


Many people have the perspective in life that there is never enough money to supply all their needs. They think that if only they had more money, they could hire the people they want and grow the business the way they need. This keeps more people playing a losing game by focusing on the conversation that says, “There’s not enough...,!, and then being surprised when, in reality, there's not enough all because they say so...

This is what I call the scarcity conversation. It's your conversation ABOUT scarcity, not FOR money and your ability to get to that outcome you continue to struggle for.  I would wager that your idea of what's possible is small compared to what you're capable of - and it will astound you when you learn how big you really are - against the game you could be playing.  It's the first thing you need to become aware of, if you want to be wealthy.

MoneyTree, the book, and the PLANB  the Workshop and Course is designed to 1) eliminate the habitual scarcity conversation that lives rent-free in your head, and 2) Build a business not based on scarcity, but on radical, seemingly impossible outcomes that are available to you and you can achieve if only you can believe it.

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