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Dan Prosser

6 (1:1) Mentoring Sessions
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Hi, I'm Dan Prosser, entrepreneur, and creator of our 'Plan B' Programs!


As someone who's navigated through the challenges of business ownership and leadership, I understand the struggle to achieve revenue growth and generate the financial stability you wish would resolve itself.

“ If only”...


Dealing with conflicting emotions around generating revenue according to your current plan or ideas, managing team dynamics, and driving business success can be overwhelming. This is true for solo-preneurs and executives from companies of every size.


The first challenge to my business happened when I had 15 employees.  I fortunately engaged a master at building companies to mentor me. Over the years it paid off in spades. I'm still good friends with this amazing nonagenarian.


Questions like, "How can I get over my fear and reluctance to approach new prospects?", “How should I follow up?” Am I making the right choices to support my revenue growth or am I undermining it?" or "How do I lead a growing company at the juncture of adding employees - I've never had to manage employees?" "How can I stop losing sleep when there's this roller coaster of success that can keep me up all night?"  "Along with the pressure to stay competitive in a market where I don't stand out - that adds to my stress."


I've been in your shoes, and I've learned valuable lessons along the way.


Now, as a business mentor helping entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, and small business executives for almost 25 years, I can assure you that strategic growth and sustainable success are infinitely possible. You have no idea!


As an entrepreneur, I was determined to navigate the complexities of business ownership - and now as a mentor, I'm working with those I want to work with - guiding them in how to thread the needle!


I am living proof that you can achieve your business goals, overcome challenges, and lead your company to new levels if revenue growth!


Maybe You're Still...

  • Doubting your strategic decisions and wondering if you're on the right path.​Questioning your leadership style and effectiveness in managing teams.

  • Feeling overwhelmed by market competition and unsure how to stand out.

  • Worrying about financial stability and making smart investment choices.

  • Struggling to balance work and personal life, leading to burnout and stress.


I'll Show You How To...


  • Gain clarity on your business vision and help you make informed decisions that drive growth.

  • Develop effective leadership skills and how to build a high-performing team culture.

  • Differentiate your brand and create a truely competitive advantage in the market.

  • ​Implement financial strategies that ensure stability and support long-term success.

  • Achieve work-life balance and prioritize your well-being for sustained productivity.


And the benefits don't stop there!


Not only will improving your business strategy and leadership skills boost your company's performance, but it will also have a positive impact on your overall well-being. This is not just about yoiur business.


In your professional life, you'll be better equipped to navigate challenges, make strategic moves, and lead your team with confidence.


With your personal life, you'll find a balance that reduces stress, increases fulfillment, and enhances your overall quality of life, and your family's life.


So, if you're ready to break free from uncertainty, drive business growth, and achieve a balanced, successful life, let's work together.


This is not a shortcut to wealth. You're going to have to do the "work". But, I can make it fast and easy.


I can't wait to meet you!

This Package Includes:

(6) 1 on 1 weekly sessions lasting 60 minutes each (or however long it takes to resolve any issues via Phone or Zoom)

This is mentoring - not work for hire or coaching


$4,100 (for 6 90-minute sessions)

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