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The Challenge: Build a scalable and sustainable business that exceeds predicted growth to give entrepreneurs the freedom to generate the elusive wealth they
started their businesses for initally.

The Opportunity: Build a scalable and sustainable business that exceeds predicted growth to give entrepreneurs the freedom to generate the elusive wealth they
started their businesses for initally.

The entrepreneur BLUEPRINT for breaking the habit of low net worth:

Every entrepreneur dreams of a day when financial worries vanish and their desired lifestyle becomes a reality. Yet, in a world dominated by financial struggles for many, that dream often feels out of reach.

Giving up on that dream would mean giving up on yourself.


Countless stories illustrate people feeling trapped in a cycle of scarcity until their busienss returns or they end the struggle.


What sets them apart from you and your struggle to grow your business?



Transforming your reality takes effort and guidance.

The Plan B Course is designed to simplify and accelerate this transformation; for over 20 years we've been helping entrepreneurs:

  • Create a clear structured roadmap for success, guiding entrepreneurs through the steps needed to achieve their financial goals.

  • Develop a strategy that aligns with their vision and objectives. This strategic planning and execution process eliminates guesswork and ensures that every action taken contributes to long-term growth.

  • To be equipped with financial management skills, including budgeting, forecasting, and cash flow managementt

  • To understand and create risk management strategies, helping entrepreneurs identify and mitigate potential risks before they escalate. 

  • How to optimize resources, whether it's human capital, technology, or finances. This optimization ensures maximum efficiency and productivity

  • To foster a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, providing networking opportunities and support systems. entrepreneurs to share experiences, learn from each other, and access valuable resources and connections


Whether you seek enough money to grow your business, buy a home, or achieve financial freedom, the 'Course' breaks the cycle of barely getting by. It's time to shed habits that hinder financial success and embrace abundance and freedom.

Join us on this adventure to transform scarcity into abundance, supported by mentors who help you see the possibilities of real wealth—for yourself and your loved ones.


Perfect for Entrepreneurs, Micropreneurs, Solo-preneurs, and anyone tired of financial limitations.


Would You Like To Know More?

Let's set up a free (no sales) coaching call at a time that works for you.

We'll talk about you and what you want from your business or career

and see if the Plan B Course is a fit for you.


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The Plan B Course

Don't Expect This:

'Plan Bis unlike anything you have ever been invited to explore. It's not at all what you expected. 

  • It's not a sales course

  • It's not a financial course

  • It's not a leads course 

  • it's not a 'how to write an email' course

  • It's not a video course on how to create successful funnels online (There's no video)

  • It's not a prospecting course or a LinkedIn mining course

​Yet every single one of those, and much much more, are expanded on in the course. 
In each work session we aren't limited to the insufficient content of a video.

Do Expect This:


  • Design a radical strategy that will give you the path to the future you want

  • Ditch obscure and unclear concepts and strategies

  • Begin selling the most powerful story you've never created yet

  • Experience true confidence in your revenue growth.

  • Develop a mindset of abundance and prosperity.

  • Build a strong foundation for financial freedom.

  • Achieve your financial goals and create wealth.

  • Learn effective strategies to grow wealth easier and faster.

  • Transform your conversation ABOUT money  - generate a new conversation FOR abundance

  • Unlock the potential to live the life you desire through financial freedom.

  • Get a good nights rest

  • Take a vacation

Bragging Rights
What  Participants From Past Courses Say...

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