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Do Not Follow Where The Path May Lead,
Go Instead Where There Is No Path And Leave A Trail
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I'm Dan Prosser, Entrepreneur, Multiple Businesses Owner for nearly 50 years.
I Specialize in Designing 'Plan B' Strategies

For nearly 50 years I have been building and selling my oown companies. Starting 2002 Ive been working with entrepreneurs, sales teams, and operations teams to discover what is standing in the way of the performance they planned on but were struggling to realize. I've shown teams how to become an INC. 5000 company and a Best Place to Work company.

Every time I've worked with a new client there was always that one nagging question - "how am I going to get enough business to have the dream I had when I started?"

While I've built and sold 3 of my own businesses, here's the thing - if you're not satisfied with your results, just know I've been exactly where you are right now. 

There were times when it wasn't easy, but as someone who has personally walked the path of frustration and wasn't sure where to turn, I truly get just how it can be for you

For over 20 years my mission has been very simple: uncover the hidden genius found in entrepreneurs; to help them

take a radical next step to generate epic revenue growth

through a new human business performance technology


My team and I specialize in creating and executing entrepreneur strategies that propel individuals toward their intended outcomes.

To achieve this, 22 years ago, we created 'The PLAN B Course' for our Entrepreneur Visionaries'.

What I needed, back when I was a 26 year old business founder, and perhaps you need now, is a proven, battle-tested process that has proven time and time again to impel you forward on your business adventure. Back then it just wasnt available.

So we created it and hundreds of entrepreneurs have benefited in their businesses by bullet-proofing their approach to revenue growth.

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