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To Generate INC. 5000-Level Revenue Growth for Entrepreneurs
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Create a new strategy paradigm to take action that day and start growing your PLANB

A Personal Message to Entrepreneurs,
Solo-Preneurs, and Sales Teams

I Have Something Special For You...

Hi, I'm Dan Prosser,

Here's The Deal:

Some people think I'm crazy, but...I'm taking everything that I've developed over the past 50 years in my own businesses, including my research into specific kinds of businesses that are successful and those that fail - - I'm also including what you'll find in my award-winning book - and I'm giving everything to you FREE Nothing held back.



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If you're getting ready to start your own business or are in your first few years, you’re probably feeling equal parts excited and nervous.

I assure you that’s a feeling we all share as we strike out to build something new.

Enthusiasm is followed by fear when it comes to generating revenue. It’s not without good reason:

  • Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that approximately 20% of new entrepreneurs fail during their first two years,

  • 45% - almost half are gone before the fifth year, and

  • 65% during the first ten years.

Why do so many small businesses fail? The high failure rates stem from a variety of reasons, including:

  • The absence of a complete strategy and the support from an interested mentor 

  • Differentiation of who they are for your prospects (also something you’ve never been able to resolve)

  • Entrepreneurial habits create a losing perspective of the past and its relationship to the future.

  • The belief in a hidden contextual conversation that every entrepreneur carries around.

  • Very poor (or no) marketing strategy formulation and execution

  • Cash flow problems.

  • A strategy that gets created but then goes into a desk or file drawer or on the shelf – never to be looked at again.

The reality is,

87% of entrepreneurs fail to achieve their goals each year

for all these reasons and much more.

Join My 4-Hour PlanB Challenge Workshop

This workshop covers the full range of my multi-stage strategy (nothing left out) design process that is not available in any book or anywhere else. It is designed to change your business and change your life. This same workshop is provided to company teams for $5,000 for one day.

But I am going to give it to you FREE. I want to see the results we can produce together in just a one-half-day process online. I know it will be extraordinary.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to identify and overcome the habits that can destroy your business.

  • The perspectives of successful entrepreneurs that lead to their extraordinary results.

  • The 6-stage strategy process that will transform your business in a way you have no idea.

  • In this workshop, you will begin to see how to have what you want. You might want to wait, and that’s okay. The most ardent entrepreneurs will jump in when it feels right. There’s no hurry, and you get to take away and use what you learned in the workshop.

Start Your Journey By Registering Into Our Free 4-Hour 
on June 26th.


You'll Have a Powerful, Unmatched
B' Blueprint Strategy You Can Launch
on June 27th.


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'Perspective is Everything'

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Why 87% of all Entrepreneurs Fail to Execute their ‘Dream Strategy’ Every Year and How Not To Be One of Them

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What  Participants From Past Courses Say...

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Perspective is Everything

"Your world, that you believe you can see, is shaped more by your perspective of how that world works, than by the actual reality."

When you can't see the difference, although it's right there in front of you, it's difficult to break the habits that are undermining and sabotaging you and your business. This is the core reason for business failure.

When you change your perspective you change your future.

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You Can Also Start Here...

Every client we've worked with over the past 20+ years has completed our workshop.

It was the Blueprint to their success.


It's only 4-hours, it's powerful, and it will change your life and your business.

We promise this will be the aha moment you've been looking for.


We're Giving You Our Complete Workshop


“It takes no courage to be normal. No courage to take the road most traveled. No courage to sit comfortably within the [safe] walls of your culture [and values]. Courage comes questioning, and then challenging the expected”                                                                               — MJ DeMarco, Best Selling Author

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"Dan’s radically disruptive approach is spot on because it takes radically different thinking to generate radically different results.” - Kevin Harrington, Original Shark on Shark Tank (ABC TV)

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